Profile Design for Roll Forming Systems

The manufactured part is the focal point of the roll forming system.  A well designed profile will yield the highest quality part at the lowest possible cost.  With Metform’s extensive experience in tooling design, we can offer innovative and value added solutions to our customers in order to optimize their profile design. 

Metform Rollformed Samples



Engineered Roll Tooling Delivers High Quality Profile Designs

Our engineers design the roll tools with a focus on bending the profile with the optimum number of passes for the most cost efficient solution.  Over the years our designers have utilized continuous improvement methodologies to accomplish this.  As a result, the design review process at Metform enforces a team approach in designing every set of tooling to best utilize Metform’s bench strength in design.

There are many considerations and resultant techniques which go into the Metform roll tool design.  These techniques are intended  to offer the operator targeted adjustments for specific bends and ultimately reduce the complexity of setup.  With our anti-flaring fixture technology  the operator has additional tools to eliminate flare and assist in producing a straight part.


Punching holes and notches in-line is a key goal of our customers as they all want to eliminate secondary operations.  The impact of pre-notching  is carefully considered at the front end of the design process.

The design of the PS series stand was driven by our tool designers with the intent to provide a modular tool holder which allows more flexibility to design a set of tools with the goal of eliminating air forming while having accurate dimensional control over the location of the tools. 

The result is a combination of PS series stand with Metform tools which will produce the most accurate part with minimum setup.

  • Diverse Profile Experience
  • Stainless Steel Profiles
  • Deck Line Profiles
  • Deck and Panel Profiles
  • Aluminum Profiles
  • Heavy Gauge Rollformed Profiles
  • Sheet Piling Profiles - Heavy Gauge Rollforming
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