The productivity of your roll forming or coil processing equipment is dependent not only on your maintenance team and practices but also on your operator’s ability to run the equipment correctly and efficiently.  At Metform, our training specialists are readily available to help you get started.  Being in the metal forming business for over 40 years, we have implemented proven operating procedures and successfully developed responsible training programs for our clients.   

Metal bending and forming training

Our technical experts are dedicated to sharing their metal bending know-how with your manufacturing team as they learn how to operate at an optimal and efficient level.  We provide in-depth cross training and knowledge transfer in equipment and roll forming theory.  Our in-house metal forming experts can answer all your questions which include topics on roll forming concepts, roll installation, equipment, tooling, material, setup, improving productivity, troubleshooting, safety and overall maintenance issues.

All of our training programs are custom tailored to suit the necessary requirements of the customer and the type of equipment installed. Training is performed on-site by qualified Metform personnel, using our customer’s equipment.

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