Individual Equipment

Rollformer Accessories (Individual equipment)

Our entire line of terminal equipment is custom designed to integrate seamlessly with any metal forming system.  Our fully customized solutions provide the operator with easy to use features to continue with daily operations while continuing to  yield high productivity.  At Metform, we go beyond roll forming engineering and design capabilities.  Below are just some of the typical accessories we have developed over the years:

Coil Handling Equipment

Our coil handling units can offer a range of capabilities to meet even the most unique requirements of roll forming.  Maybe you are looking to produce a textured wall facing where profiles are similar but the  widths may vary.  In addition, you may also require some prepunching or notching with strip-edge justification.  These are just some of the capabilities we can assist you with. See all our steel coil handling equipment.

Cut-off Presses

We offer the most flexible and adaptable options for roll forming.  Our units can cut formed sections to varied lengths in a flying cut-off process for continuous non-stop roll forming production. Learn more about our cut-off presses and pre-punch equipment.

PS Series Stands

We offer competitive rafted tooling systems for the roll forming industry.  The PS Series Stand is the culmination of dedicated continuous improvement and engineering. The PS raft is lighter, stronger, fully CNC machined with a reduced number of components. The end result is a more accurate stand system at a lower overall cost. Read more about our rafted (cassette) roll tooling systems.

Roof or Wall Panel Stackers

Reduce scrap while increasing productivity and manufacturing floor space.  By investing in a premium Metform stacker this will allow components to be moved from the end of the production line onto a well organized stack automatically without disrupting or slowing down the overall production. Read more about our roof and panel roll former stackers.

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