Coil Handling Equipment

Metform designs and manufactures a complete line of terminal equipment for  roll forming and coil processing systems.  All of our coil handling equipment is custom designed to integrate seamlessly into the system providing ease of use, manufacturing precision and high productivity.
Our coil processing solutions include:


Our leading edge unit designs ensure a smooth rotation every time regardless of coil load tension. Learn more about our turnstiles.

Coil Cars and Coil Capstans

Transfer load coils efficiently and safely with durable control while saving time and preventing coil damage. Learn more about our coil cars and coil capstans.

Scissor lift coil cars

To accommodate different coil loading configurations when loading turnstiles or uncoilers at different or changing elevations.

Uncoilers and Recoilers

Whether your operation requires frequent or minimum changeovers, we can provide you with the right uncoilers and recoilers that work best for you. Learn more about our uncoilers and recoilers.

Peelers and Feed Tables

Our coil hydraulic hold down rolls with peelers and feed-up table systems  are push-button controlled ensuring safe “hands free” thread up. Learn more about our peeler and feed tables.

Material Handling

To further customize your line, you can add different options that will help you automate pack handling and  decrease changeover time.

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  • Complex Coil handling system on an Embossing line
  • Heavy Gauge Coil handling
  • Older Metform built turnstyle
  • Older Metform built turnstyle
  • Slitting line with uncoiler/recoiler and extras