Cut-off and Pre-Punch Presses

150 Ton Pre-pierce Press

Metform features a line of presses that can integrate with new and existing roll forming systems.  Our low maintenance cut-off panel lines perform at efficient levels to maximize production.  Sizes can range from 10 to 300 tons while our robust designs offer faster cycling times, consistent accuracy and overall reliability.  Our cut-off and pre-punch presses can also offer capabilities in quick die changeovers and are easy to service and operate contributing to reducing down time between production runs.   Our history in design and development has allowed us to produce numerous press designs around the world and is considered to be an industry standard in today’s marketplace. 

Tilting Cut-off Press for Swept parts


High quality and expert engineering tool design

Successful pre-punching and notching relies on several components.  Our dedicated team of experts pay close attention to the quality and features of punching tooling.  Metform’s unparalleled knowledge in tool design, die clearance optimization and implementing a tool maintenance program regularly are all factors considered when offering value added solutions.  We believe in superior quality and attention to detail throughout is essential to meet many of today’s punching requirements.

Design solutions for all applications

Both cut-off and pre-punch presses are available in a variety of mechanical and hydraulic designs to allow for maximum flexibility on all your application needs.  As your manufacturing partner, we work with our customers to find customized solutions and help to extend production capabilities in producing parts in-line eliminating secondary operations. Our engineering team can work with you to provide efficient solutions that will suit your profile or metal pattern needs.

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