Cut-to-Length Lines

Cut to length line for master coil steel processing

At Metform, we produce a wide range of high quality systems that are customized to suit your production requirements.  These systems feature decoiling, leveling and cutting to length that enable metalworking and service centers to purchase stock material in coil form and be processedinto sheets of appropriate lengths and quantities.

Standard features of cut-to-length equipment include:

Uncoiler decoiling machines

Our uncoiler/decoiler machines offer exceptional high speed, acceleration and quick stop features that are available in the market.

Precision levelers and flatteners

Metform utilizes it’s strategic alliance partnership with The Bradbury Company to offer the best leveller in the market.  Whether you are looking to remove wavy edges, centre buckles or crossbow to minimize shape defects, we have the right unit to suit your job requirement.  The Bradbury e-drive leveller offers the best solution at the right price.

Stationary and flying cut-off machines

Our cut-off processes will meet all your requirements with top quality and high performing shears.
Servo die accelerator systems
Our systems meet all high precision and accuracy requirements.

Servo roll feeds

Our advanced servo technology yield the highest quality in product consistency while minimizing waste. Length measuring and batch counting systems – Our systems can provide accurate control during acceleration and deceleration of the line and eliminate waste normally occurring in the beginning and end of the process.

Stacking equipment

Our stackers safely guide your cut parts on rollers. Powered or non-powered rollers are available with side stacking and bundle removal options. Our product line includes the following:

Start / Stop Lines

Designed for customers with low production rates, these cut-to-length lines offer an economical solution that can easily process heavy gauge and non-surface critical materials.

Flying Die Shear Lines

Designed to be versatile and run at high speeds, these cut-to-length lines offer a solution that can process a variety of materials and material thicknesses.  The continuous process of this line makes it an ideal choice for surface critical or soft materials such as aluminum.

Precision Roll Feed Lines

Designed for high volume and high quality manufacturing such as automotive, these cut-to-length lines offer a versatile solution that combines a high speed line with length accuracy.  The design encompasses a precision leveler, accumulation loops and an accurate shear to provide the desired results.

Most cut-to-length lines require specific custom features.  Metform is specialized in meeting your custom requirements.

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