Embossing Line

Embossing Line Capabilities

We offer high precision design and engineering solutions to meet all your custom embossing line needs.  We can provide systems that will satisfy even the most demanding technological specifications.  We will work with you on achieving the desired pattern to any substrate while reducing waste and increasing durability of your product.   Speak to one of our representatives today!

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Embossing Line Main Components

Optional Components

Entry Coil Car Peeler Table               Scrap Disposal
Uncoiler Entry Guide Slitter Entry Guide
Automatic Edge Guide Pinch Roll(s) Slitter
Crop Shear Carry Over Table(s) Pit Table and Quardrants
Embosser Sticher Tension Unit(s)
Recoiler Ironing Roll Seperator Shaft Assembly
Exit Coil Car Tension Leveller Exit Threading Table
  Intermediate Displacement Guide Outboard Bearing Support(s)
  Exit Shear Weight Scale Platform


Metform Embossing Line Metform Embossing

Typical Embossing Line Specifications

Material: Steel (pre-painted, galvanised), Aluminum, Copper
Material Thickness: 0.254mm - 1.6mm [0.10" - 0.063"]
Coil Width: up to 1880mm [74"]
Coil Weight: up to 31751kg [70,000lbs]
Line Speed: up to 228.6 mpm [750 fpm]
Embossing Patterns: As per clients specifications
Engraving Depth: As per clients specifications