Roll Forming Machinery

Metform continues to be an industry leader in roll forming machinery with over 240 complete systems manufactured.  We design and manufacture a wide range of roll forming systems for a variety of different industries and applications.  Our metal forming equipment solutions produce accurate profiles from both coil and sheets and from a wide selection of materials.

Standard components of our rollforming lines include:

  • Coil Handling Equipment
  • Straightening and Feeding Equipment
  • Pre-Punching or Notching
  • Forming Mill
  • Cut-Off Presses and Dies
  • Material Handling Equipment

In addition to our standard lines we offer customized solutions for specific industry applications.

Welded Structural Tube Rollformer


Custom roll forming equipment solutions



Welded Profile Lines

Designed for tubular parts of varying design and thickness, these lines provide in-line welding of the profile.  The part exits the roll forming line completely formed and requires no secondary operations to complete.  This efficiently streamlines the manufacturing process, reducing cycle time and overall part cost.

Side by Side Deck Rollformer



Side by Side Lines

These lines are designed to provide rapid changeover between products. With two rolling mill beds and common drives, the mill will run one product while the tooling is changed for the next product. A side by side rollformer line provides high productivity while reducing overall machine footprint and cost.

Duplex Rollformer



Duplex Roll Forming Machines

These roll formers are designed to form the edges of a metal strip and include the flexibility of receiving varying widths of incoming material.  This provides a versatile machine that can be used to provide a range of different products.

Telescoping shaft rollformer - Variable width rollformer



Telescoping Shaft Lines

Available in manual and servo adjust, these lines allow for parts with multiple widths and the same profile edges to be manufactured on the same line and tooling.  By moving the outboard stand, the width can be accurately adjusted without any tooling changes.  A complete family of parts can be manufactured with a reduced overall cost.  The servo adjust option automates the changeover allowing for even greater accuracy and reduced downtime between parts.

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