Roll Forming Deck Lines

Deck Line Rollformer Exit end - Press - Die



Metform Deck rollformer

Roll forming Deck Line Machinery

With over 45 years of experience, Metform is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of Roll Forming Deck Lines.  Our knowledge in steel deck and siding has enabled us to produce 107 sets of tooling and 31 full lines in production worldwide.  Our rollform lines can produce heavy, long and wide sections to suit all your deck and panelling needs. Our deck lines offer a material range from 10 gauge to 29 gauge steel depending on the application.

Metal Deck Rollforming Equipment Expertise

Our expertise has provided our  customers with innovative, high value solutions that increase productivity and reduce overall part cost.  If you are looking for a unit with high throughput  and flexibility we can deliver optimal results conveniently and easily.

Common Rollforming Deck Line Profiles

  • Roof Deck
  • Floor Deck
  • Bridge Deck
  • Composite deck
  • Deep-deck
  • “Dove tail” or specialty deck

Over the years our engineers have built premium deck lines that offer flexibility to produce your  customer’s orders efficiently.  A quality deck profile will attract more customers as the in field installation labour is is reduced and the strength of the deck is guaranteed.

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