Heavy Gauge Roll Forming Equipment

Heavy Gauge Profiles

Metform has developed industry leading expertise in heavy gauge rollforming technology. We pride ourselves in working together with our customers to develop solutions for forming heavy gauge profiles that reduce part cost, increase output and provide a stronger finished product. 

Rollforming Machinery Engineered for Heavy Gauge Materials

Heavy gauge roll forming is significantly more flexible than hot forming, allowing for mass production of uniform shapes. We offer the ability to run from blank sheets  or coils from material as thin as 0.157” (4mm) up to thicknesses of 0.75” (19mm) or greater. As a continuous process at room temperature, there is tremendous product design flexibility including pre-punching and notching which will reduce manufacturing costs from downstream processes.

Sheet piling - Example product photo

Common industry profiles manufactured with heavy gauge roll forming machinery:

  • Sheet piling

  • Rail car profiles

  • Road & bridge construction

  • Ship and barge building

  • Railway transportation

  • Road transportation

  • Construction materials

  • Ship Building

Metform is focused in providing innovative heavy gauge rollforming solutions that will help grow your  business through faster  more efficient and productive systems.

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  • Heavy Gauge Rollform line
  • Heavy Gauge Rollform line
  • Heavy Gauge Roll Tooling
  • M10 Heavy Gauge Rollform Tooling Stand
  • Heavy Gauge Finished Parts - Railcar Center Sill