One of a Kind Embossing Line


Metform ships a new custom embossing line for Mexico for the summer of 2011.

The project has proceeded on time and on budget.  The customer has completed their pre-shipment buyoff and the line is now moving closer to the much anticipated installation phase.


This coil to coil line is a custom designed line to produce an embossed, slit and tension leveled material for the appliance industry.  There is much anticipation to get this line up and running as the customer’s has significant demand for this product.


Metform was selected as the choice supplier for this one-of-a-kind line because of its custom design expertise.


“I’m excited to see it come together and ship….” Mark Volkmann, President of Metform comments.  “We are very pleased to get this opportunity to reveal our design and build talents for coil processing lines.  We are known for a high level of quality in our equipment and this project has been another opportunity to show our capabilities and provide our customer with a line which will create a competitive advantage for them.”