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The productivity of your roll forming or coil processing equipment is highly dependent on your operator’s ability to run the equipment correctly and efficiently.  Their ability to setup tooling is a more specialized skill.

At Metform our engineers strive to make tooling designs robust to minimize setup adjustments which results in more uptime and less scrap.  However, those experienced in the roll forming industry know that generally we rely heavily on the skill of our operators to obtain good production efficiency.

Metform offers operator and maintenance training as part of new equipment purchases to ensure a successful start-up.  Training is often needed beyond the original equipment launch and requested for several reasons:

  • Employee turnover
  • Continuous improvement efforts
  • TPM efforts
  • Equipment upgrade
  • New tooling added
  • New processes added
  • Troubleshooting

Metform offers operator and maintenance training utilizing the manuals provided to walk key personnel through the process in a “hands on” format.  Training can be extended to include some classroom instruction depending on the needs of the customer.

Operators with minimal experience would benefit from our tooling setup and troubleshooting training which utilizes our in-house tool proving technicians who have significant profile experience.  They will cover key process information such as:

  • Important safety features
  • Knowledge of the HMI
  • Understanding setup sheets
  • Loading and removal of roll tooling on stands
  • Setup of tools and documenting settings
  • Documenting incoming material
  • Troubleshooting basic defects
  • Measurement (based on specific control plan)

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